Since 1978, Global Golf has provided ministry support and outreach to men and women traveling on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour.  The LPGA today is a global tour with tournaments in 11 countries.  Of the 460 Tour members, 230 are active competitors of which 129 are international players representing 28 countries.  Jesus' command to "Go into all the world" is happening as the world has come to the LPGA.


Our Mission

The mission of Global Golf is to understand the mindset, soul and life of those on Tour and retired from the Tour, and to offer a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This includes encouraging those in the Tour community to reach their full potential as athletes and more importantly as followers of Christ.

Cris Stevens is the Executive Director of Global Golf and has traveled alongside the Tour since 1982. She serves as a lay chaplain to the Tour and provides one-on-one discipleship, mentoring, supportive counseling and life coaching. Cris speaks at conferences and retreats and serves as a consultant in sports ministry.


We are striving to encourage and serve our Tour communities through:

  • Knowing and following Christ
  • Sharing Christ with others
  • Caring for those who suffer